About artisans

From conception to creation, the Malala Tote Collection brings together three different perspectives and stages of production for the ideal end product. In design choices, brand principles, and factory selection, shared values are present, leading to a cohesive and intentional end product.

"We embrace sustainability values, always suggesting quality and environmentally friendly materials which can satisfy our customers and, at the same time, help our planet. Our completeness allows us to create a journey tailored to their needs."

- Head artisan at the Angela Roi factory, Italy

"Our head artisan learned the leather artisan profession when he was 15, when he started developing his skills and working for notable fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi. His decennial experience, enthusiasm, and ambition led him to start his factory in February 1989, in Valceresio."

"The care for details of our artisans and the high production capability of our machines, allow us to guarantee a high-quality standard during every step."

"We combine handcrafting, professionality and experience to realize leather bags and accessories. Every piece we realize is the result of passion and innovation; the products are created through our high-tech machines and the "hand-made" tradition."

"Our skilled staff perfects the finished product."