Angela Roi directly works with four small factories in Seoul, Korea. Each factory has a tight-knit group of 10 or less employees, who are like one big family. In Jan 2017, Angela made her third visit to these factories.

Mr. Jeon (left) is our Chief Artisan with close to 40 years of crafting experience, and Mr. In (right) is our Factory Manager who also used to be a skilled artisan. They have been close friends for many years, which led them to be great partners.

Raw material is believed to be the essence of the artistry, each piece is hand cut with adept technique.

This is where each of her artwork took shape for the first time at the hands of artisans.

She witnessed how, with a steady pace of progress, each step helps attain perfection.

They are the creators by whose hands our first product takes form for our skilled artisans to recreate, step by step.

From cutting the raw materials to sewing them and then finishing the edging are the three distinct steps.

Our products are being crafted by an incredibly talented female artisan.

Even separated by the distance of half a globe, the same values, warmth and ethics bind everyone together at Angela Roi.