A Perseverant Journey

Innocence and allure together makes the majestic animal on earth, the Giraffe. Aisha is one such individual and our symbol. Swahili for ‘Life’, Aisha is the image of strength, perseverance and trace of a life well lived. Injured by poachers, still kept her head held high, stood tall amidst conflict, embodying elegance. A respected leader of the group, such is the charm of Aisha. Today, living and thriving at the Lake Manyara National Park and giving us perspective and inspiration for tomorrow.

Our love for these charming creatures has led us to the path to help them. We have decided to support the ‘Wild Nature Institute’ with their goal to help conserve the rapidly receding population of giraffes and preserve their habitat. Every sale of the Aisha Giraffe Keychain and the Zuri Travel Pouch with Giraffe will help giraffes in Tanzania to live a safer and more comfortable life. This is another step of our journey towards making the world a kinder place for both humans and animals.