the beginning

The year was 2011.
It all began over cocktails at an event in Boston when Angela met Roi.
Angela and Roi developed their relationship
by sharing love, time, and exciting ideas.

Both had entrepreneurial spirits, a shared interest in fashion,
and philanthropic goals. Angela Roi is the next step on their journey.

angela lee

Angela is the Co-founder and Creative Director.
Born in South Korea and raised in Canada,
She studied Political Science at Northeastern University.

Angela always believed that greater things
can be achieved through the means of fashion,
and decided to create luxurious non-leather handbags.

Her idea came to life when she pitched it to Roi on a Tuesday night in 2012.
With her passion for Angela Roi, she left college

roi lee

Roi is the Co-Founder and CEO.
Born in South Korea raised in Boston, he studied entrepreneurship at Boston University.
With the brain for business, the mindset of always learning something new
and the belief that one can self teach anything one is determined to,
Roi brought Angela Roi to life.

His father’s recovering words, “The most important thing in life is health”
shaped Roi’s healthy lifestyle and the work culture at Angela Roi headquarters.

steve chen

Way more than just a bi-lingual in programming languages,
not just tech savvy, Steve is a tech creator.

Since college, Steve and Roi have been inseparable.
With the shared interest in startups, this dynamic duo made their vision a reality.
Together, they succeeded in creating a cool, ethical and innovative brand.

designed in nyc

With his experience and insight in the fashion world,
Patrick has helped the team improve not only the products but the vision as well.
His warm presence changes the office atmosphere and keeps the designing process more fun.

growth hack

Jason has shaped our marketing campaigns and content delivery.
His insight into the human mind has proven to make our marketing more effective.

creative center

Everyday new ground is broken with our writing, public relations,
marketing & business development team.
Learning new things from each other and creating even newer things.

Sneha and Jennifer spend their time at the office,
researching, creating, brainstorming and pitching.
New ideas, concepts and campaigns are always in the works here.

lights, camera, action

From lookbooks, product photos, model shoots to just about any and every photo need.
Our proficient photo team manages, plans and delivers under the guidance of Rebekah.


13 West 38th St. is the headquarter of Angela Roi.
From design, retail, office work to warehouse, we manage all our function from our base in Midtown Manhattan.