The October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sunday Mini in Pink


As a member of a passionately devoted community that works tirelessly to make the world a little more kind and a lot more hopeful, this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we feel responsible to step forward in support for everyone affected by the dire disease of ‘Breast Cancer’.
We believe that the journey of healing begins with a smile and support. When a woman suffers from breast cancer, she is robbed of health but we will never let her lose hope: Hope of getting better and of defeating the disease. We stand with every woman who has ever had to fight this tiring battle, we stand with every woman who’s friend suffered this disease, we stand with every woman.
Angelaroi Partnership Sunday Mini in Pink


October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show allegiance, to bring awareness and very importantly, to raise funds for women who need our help, we introduce to you our most exclusive ‘Sunday Mini in Pink’. We are proud to announce that 50% of the sales from each bag will proceed as donations to our partner charity organisation “Living Beyond Breast Cancer”. We have always held the cause dear to our hearts. This is our endeavor to change lives. Join us.
Sunday Mini in Pink