Symbols have a distinct edge over words, over spoken words, visuals observed are easily memorized. In the same attempt this is the Angela Roi emblem. A beautiful amalgamation of the letters ‘A’ and ‘R’ creating a sharp, delicate albeit sturdy structure in signature gold. Each letter represents Angela and Roi, our co-founders who have together created this kind fashion label with the vision of a different kind of luxury.

In the journey of becoming a representative of ethical luxury, here’s our coined emblem of empathy towards animals and the symbol of hope for a kinder fashion industry in the future.



There are many essential traits to be learned from the world’s tallest standing creature who’s equally iconic as they are endearing. One who stands tall, all confident and charismatic and whose commanding presence can’t be ignored. One who celebrates it’s spots that make each one unique. One to always stick their neck out and take informed risks in order to thrive. One who always reaches for the topmost branch setting the standards up high and goal for the best. After all the best ones are usually at the top. One who has a different perspective and outlook of the world all around. The one whose personality is completely in tune with Angela Roi which is why ‘Giraffe’ is chosen as our charming new signature.